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The Municipality of Silang, Cavite 

The Municipality of Silang is a first class landlocked municipality in the province of Cavite, Philippines. According to the 2007 census, it has a population of 199,285 people in an area of 209.4 square kilometers. Silang is located in the eastern section of Cavite. This is the location of Philippine National Police Academy. The municipality of Silang is approximately 45 kilometers south of Manila. General Trias, Dasmariñas and General Mariano Alvarez (GMA) bound it on the south and on the west by Amadeo. Silang is noted for its relatively cool and invigorating climate. The name Silang was derived from the Tagalog word silanganan meaning "east", because the town is seated at the eastern portion of Cavite. A legend claims that it was coined from the Tagalog word isinilang or "given birth to", referring to the sudden and unusual emergence of the parish church. It may also refer to the new emergence of the land from the eruption of Taal Volcano on May 15, 1754. Silang, like most of the towns in the province of Cavite, depends on a mainly agricultural economy. The primary crops grown in the area are coconut, coffee, corn, banana, pineapple, and tree crops like mango, lansones, caimito, santol, jackfruit, guava, and avocado. Fertile soils and abundant water sources make Silang suitable not only for common commercial crops but also for high value and exotic crops production. Most of the local farmers practice intercropping to increase land productivity and lessen soil erosion. Fruit production exceeds the demand of the municipality's population, thus, supply excesses are marketed to Metro Manila and neighboring urban centers. The vastness of Silang makes it a prospective haven for real estate, industrial, commercial, and agro-industrial development. Silang, in fact, is envisioned to be a major agri-business center, a trading post and manufacturing center to serve the local and nearby towns’ agricultural producers and traders.

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