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The Municipality of Carmona, Cavite

A first class urban municipality in the province of Cavite, Philippines. According to the 2007 census, it has a population of 68,135 people in a land area of 30.9 square kilometres. Carmona is a first-class municipality located in the island of Luzon, in the Province of Cavite. 
It is  approximately 36 kilometers South of Manila and 38 kilometers from the Provincial Capitol, Trece Martirez City.It is bounded on the North, East and South by the Municipality of Biñan, Laguna; General Mariano Alvarez (GMA) on the Northwest and Silang on the Southwest. Carmona is accessible by land transportation either thru the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) or the Cavite Coastal Road passing thru Aguinaldo Highway and Dasmariñas/GMA Roads. With the continuous expansion of Metro Manilla, the municipality is now included in Manilla built up area which reaches Lipa City in its southernmost part. 

Cottage industries include metal works, metalcraft, footwear industries, concrete products, tricycle assembly, rattan handicrafts and bakeries. Manufacturing firms engaged in handicraft (bags and shoes), furniture making, business retailing, personal and business services, and food based enterprises contribute to the municipality’s trade and commerce. Mercantile activities in the municipality are concentrated at the Poblacion area and along Governor’s Drive. Carmona has been classified as a first class municipality since July 1996, brought about by industrialization, real estate development and commercial activities. Carmona’s progress accelerated after the conversion of more than fifty hectares of farmlands into industrial areas in 1998. Garment industries, steel fabrication, microchips and semi-conductors, tool fabrication, bus assembly, bulb factories, die casting and other small and medium-scale industries currently operate in the municipality. These investments continue to provide local employment, generate export earnings, increase municipal revenues and serve as vehicles for technology transfer. Foreign investments are pouring in as export-oriented industries continue to flourish.

The economy of Carmona is generally agricultural. Almost half of its total land area is devoted to agriculture. In 2000, the total land area devoted to agriculture was 609 or roughly 19.60% of the total land area of Carmona, which is 3,902 hectares. 230 hectares are irrigated areas all of which are currently planted with rice and vegetables, 30 hectares are upland rice areas, 122.5 hectares are for diversified trees and crops, and the other 211.5 hectares are considered pasture land. However, with the implementation of the CALABARZON growth area, the municipality of Carmona has slowly become an industrial enclave in the province. The advent of industrialization has threatened the agricultural base of Carmona. As of April 1999, land used for rice production has gone down; sugarcane plantation has decreased considerably and those land uses for other crops and vegetables totaled 84.5 hectares during the same year. Industrialization in the '90s accounts for the rapid growth of Carmona's business community from an otherwise quaint agricultural town in the 1950s. Brought about by huge capital from the national government, the industrial complexes bolstered the increase of the municipality's revenues and the change in the people's lifestyle. There are eight existing industrial complexes in the towns. Its proximity to Manila and at the same time being the gateway to the Calabarzon area made Carmona a promising venue for business.

On the other hand, the local government has been very supportive of the investors. There are 114 factories in eight industrial parks/complexes to date. At present there are the eight industrial complexes strewn along the Governor's Drive, in a total of 419.31 hectares, making up 13.56% of the town's land area. Ranging from 9 to 100 hectares, these industrial estates are complete with amenities, secured, and in close coordination with the municipal government through the Carmona Business Club and other agencies. Carmona is composed of 975 commercial and business establishments. One is the Walter Mart Commercial Center situated at the Macaria Business Park which covers a land area of 13.13 ha. Over 1100 duly registered commercial and financial establishments conduct trading, banking, servicing, settlements, recreation and entertainment. Carmona is accessible by various land-based transport vehicles from Manila and other nearby provinces and cities taking two alternative routes: South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and the Cavite Coastal Road passing through Aguinaldo Highway and Dasmariñas/GMA Roads. It may be reached through public utility jeepneys and buses. It is a 15-minute drive from Alabang, Biñan, Laguna and GMA and 45-minute travel from Trece Martires City. A transport terminal was established in the Carmona Public Market for commuters going to Manila, Biñan and GMA. Ordinary and first class air conditioned buses coming from Biñan, Laguna use the National Road to pick up passengers in Carmona going to Manila.




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