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After you have chosen a house from our list of properties, the following steps will properly guide your home buying process.
Once you have chosen a house from our property listings, the next step is to see the actual site, community and house model. We offer FREE daily house viewing with all our projects/house models. To schedule a house viewing with us, kindly follow the link below and fill out all required fields to help us properly schedule your site visit.
Get Free Info.
If you are located abroad or an OFW, you may request for your family or your representative here in the Philippines to have the house viewing on your behalf. During the house viewing, please take note of the house features, design, site accessibility, location and future developments. These are very important since the appreciating value of your investment would highly depend on these things.
After house viewing, once you’ve decided with the house model and price computation, the next step is finding a good unit location within the available phases. In finding a good unit location, consider the following:
Position of the house/unit – Is it facing East (morning sun) or West (afternoon sun)? Traditionally, “morning sun” units are preferred by most clients because of good feng shui, the house is well lit (“maaliwalas at maliwanag ang bahay”) letting you save a great deal in electricity in the future.
Distance from main entrance gate, guard house & access roads
Once you have selected a good unit, the next step is PAY THE RESERVATION FEE as units are booked on a “first come, first served” basis. Holding of units can only be made within weekdays and will run for 24hours. If the unit is not reserved after the holding period lapses, it will be given to the next buyer waiting in line for the unit.
  • Cash payment
  • Cheque payment
  • Credit card payment
NOTE: Paying the RESERVATION FEE together with an accomplished BUYER IFORMATION SHEET officially reserves the unit under your name. Reservation fee is non-refundable and forms part of your downpayment. 

Once the unit has been reserved, the next step is completion & submission of requirements. A CHECKLIST OF REQUIREMENTS based on your financing can be downloaded below. 
These requirements needs to be submitted within 30 days (maximum 60 days) from the date of reservation. Please take note that ON TIME submission of these requirements is important to prevent delays in your housing loan processing (especially for bank financing).
For overseas, abroad or OFW buyers, we will be sending you thru mail or thru courier, the documents & contracts that needs to be read and signed by you. After singning and accomplishing these documents, please mail it back to us for submission to the office.

Part of the major requirements for both Bank & Inhouse financing is the SUBMISSION OF POST-DATED CHECKS corresponding your downpayment period. Please note that developer will only accept cash payments only until the 3rd downpayment. Once you have issued post dated checks for the downpayment, all you have to do is deposit your cash payment to your checking account before your due date, to fund the checks that you have issued. 
I DON’T HAVE A CHECKING ACCOUNT, HOW CAN I PAY MY DOWNPAYMENTS? Developer can give you bank referral to the partner bank to help you open a checking account at a minimal initial deposit. (Other banks require more initial deposit amount  in opening a checking account). This initial deposit amount will also serve as your maintaining balance. There is a minimal fee for a check booklet cost.

On your last downpayment, once you have completely complied with all the requirements on your account, you will now start the UNIT INSPECTION. For Bank Financing, a bank loan take-out is required before buyer can start the Unit Inspection. 
A notice from the developer that the unit is ready for inspection will be sent and /or advised to the buyer. During inspection, If the buyer found that the unit is in good condition and satisfies the "as delivered" status of the unit, the buyer can now move-in to the unit by signing the unit acceptance form and be awarded their unit keys.
MERALCO (electricity) & WATER CONNECTION. MERALCO (eletricity) and water connection will be individually applied for by the client since the unit is under their name (Meralco to the local office and water connection to the site/project engineering office). 
HOME IMPROVEMENTS. Home improvement and renovations can only be done once the unit has been turned over to the buyer. A renovation plan approval must be submitted to the Developer's Engineering office prior to renovation to ensure that pipes and structural integrity of the unit will not be compromised by the planned renovation. Construction bond need to be paid and it is required during the renovation and is refundable after. Construction bond is required as payment in case an adjacent property is damaged during the Buyer’s renovation, otherwise it is refundable.


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